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Veteran Suicide Awareness

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Service learning project 2020-2021


Every year the JROTC program does a service learning project, in order to build community bonds and learn along the way. This school year, although it is not what we were expecting. We made sure to stick with our plan of having a service learning project. We decided to bring awareness to a tear jerking topic that should not be ignored, Veteran Suicide. 22 Veterans commit suicide each day which is 22 too many. The same selfless men and women that serve our country, are battling problems that us as civilians aren't providing help for. We cadets raised $1500 averagely for the Veteran Suicide foundation by buying t-shirts. There was also an awareness walk that took place in Colorado Springs.

Veterans, we thank you for your service and are beyond grateful, you matter, you are not alone. If you need help please reach out


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