8th Battalion Staff

C/ LTC Alex Erickson

Battalion Commander


I am a LET 4 and have been in battalion staff for 3 1/2years. I have been the S-2 assistant, S-2, S-3, and Battalion Commander. I have been on TJ's marksmanship and drill teams, and have competed in the regional competition for armed drill exhibition. I am responsible for managing the staff and battalionin order to achieve goals set by our instructors. I have had many amazing opportunities and seen incredible growth in myself and my peers through this program, and my goal is to do the same for others.

C/MAJ Micah Brandt


Executive Officer

I have been in JROTC for 3 years and on staff for two. Last year I was an assistant to the S-3. This year I am the Executive Officer. I am the manager of the staff and coordinate daily activities. In conjunction with staff, I am the Color Guard Commander for TJ's HP Color Guard.

C/CPT River Haggstrom



My name is C/CPT River Haggstrom and I am this schools years S-1 Primary. I have been in JROTC here at TJ for 3 years now. As the S-1 I make sure all of the cadets in the Battalion are accounted for through online programs called JUMS and Infinite Campus.

C/CPT Sofiya Alferow

I am the safety and security officer (S-2) for the 8th Battalion. I've been in JROTC for 2 years and I've been in staff for one year. My job is to make sure all the sensitive items are securely protected and accounted for. I also keep track of the key control and registry. 




C/CPT Ethan Greenlee


Hi, I'm Ethan Greenlee, I have been on staff for three years now I have been the S-2 assistant as well as the S-2 primary. I am currently the S-3 and I provide training schedules for the battalion and recording service hours for cadets. 


C/CPT Lydia Swaim


Hello, my name is Lydia this is my first year in staff and my role is the S-4. As the S-4  one of my duties is being responsible for handing out clothing items. I have been in the JROTC program for 3 years and I have also been apart of the HP team all three years.


C/CPT Atlas Zaina


I have been in JROTC for three years and I have been on staff every single year. During my first two years, I worked as an S-6, either as an assistant or a primary, though now I overlook the media department. Most of my time is spent making sure social media is up to date as well as informing cadets and parents alike about upcoming and past events.


C/1 LT Nevaeh Hencmann


This is my first year on staff.  I help the S-5 and I am in charge of all the inventory of the electronics. Atlas is teaching me the ropes of my job and all that needs to be done. It can be very complicated and frustrating at times but I enjoy this position as S-6. 


C/CSM Victor Loaiza


I've been in JROTC  for 3 years. In those three years, I have been on staff for two. I was originally an S-6 assistant before becoming the CSM. I'm in charge of the flags and cleanliness in JROTC. In addition to staff, I am on HP Color Gaurd and my position is the Colorado Gaurd.

Right  to Left
SFC(R) Scott Johns
CW4(R) Charles Gaines
MAJ(R) Dennis Campbell